Tips for Making the Most of your Freelancer

If you have decided to use a freelance talent site for outsourcing some of your operations, here are some tips for ensuring a successful freelancer-employer relationship:


  • Plan time to screen and select candidates: You may be able to find great employees among the candidates on these freelance sites, but you will also want to spend considerable time reviewing bids and freelancer profiles to find the perfect fit. It may make sense initially to do a trial project to see how the process works and determine which type of candidates will work well. If time is of the essence, you may want to consider other hiring avenues.
  • In general, you get what you pay for: While there are many freelance employees around the world who offer quality, professional service at rock-bottom hourly rates, keep in mind that you may regret hiring someone at a low rate just to save a few bucks. More experienced freelancers may charge more per hour, but may be more efficient with their time, require less management or revisions than someone at an entry-level rate.
  • Clearly define expectations: This includes the employee’s hourly rate, role and working relationship, and a blueprint of the project or deliverable. Ideally, you’ll have this information ready to send to your freelancer once the project begins.
  • Provide ways to communicate: Using the freelance site’s built-in project management tools, you can manage your new freelance employee by providing and exchanging detailed project information. Many of the freelance websites offer integration with popular project management applications, so you may find that you just need to connect with one that your company already uses.

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